A full-fledged steakhouse with an Argentine touch

The restaurant has an extensive menu of specialties, but perhaps the diner's gaze is first directed to the meat section.. Here it seems obligatory to have something grilled - there are also fish, as we will see later- and from the first moment the letter is havingvery good acceptance.

Before getting to the main course, Already in the snacks there are grilled specialties such as Argentine bull sweetbreads with a touch of lemon, artisanal Creole chorizo ​​cooked on charcoal (made exclusively for the establishment by a butcher from the city with a recipe from the Bertoni family, of course, secret), charcoal-cooked red chorizo ​​or Creole blood sausage. In another order, Also for grilled snacks you can choose a grilled octopus, prepared provolone cheesewith concasé tomatoes or with langostinos and Iberian shoulder, and grilled natural vegetables.

In red meat, variety can complicate the decision, but to help is the Bertoni family who serves each table. Thus the range of options goes from the Argentine Angus low loin to the Angus high loin steak., the lower simmental loin with, the chop or sirloin of a cow of the same breed, or the excellent cut called T-bone. Meats with origin and moderate maturation, around 35 days, that ensure good texture and flavor.

In meats, There are other options such as grilled pork ribs with Korean lacquering and a spicy touch or boneless chicken thighs cooked in two cookings., at low temperature and grilled.

But the customer who wants fish should not think that he will not find it here.. In addition to the roasted cod loin and some roasted squid, Fish are selected daily based on availability and season. These, If they are appropriate for grilling, They also offer excellent results.

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